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November 2016 News

Hello Friends!

Here are the updates:

I know that the past couple of weeks has been upsetting for some.  I had to close earlier than some expected on a couple of days and close completely on Friday and Saturday for the past two weeks. But those rocky spots are over now. I will be in the shop consistently as follows so that you can get some goodies before the Humble shop is gone and you won't show up to find that I am in a class or closed when you expected me to be open (providing that you come during the times shown below:)
November 15,16,17,18,19 & 22,23
The shop will be open 9:30am - 4pm. At 4pm we will start classes. Please do not try to come shop during classes, it's just too distracting:)
Beginning November 25th (Black Friday) I will be open 9:30am - 6pm MONDAY-SATURDAY- that's right I will be here on MONDAYS for the first two weeks of December and will continue through SUNDAY the 11th. I hope that everybody that wants to get in before the end will be able to with this schedule.

The weekend of the 10th and 11th of December we (Humble Fabrics & Rust, Dust & Roses) will be having a Winter Flea Market at the shop. I will be selling off much of my fixtures and furniture from the shop and in my storage. Ellie will be selling unique furniture and decor items as well.

After the 11th, I will be done with regular hours. I intend to have a BAG SALE after this date, but I'm not sure when. I will announce it as I become clearer about what date will be best.

I just want to let you know that liquidating has been way harder than I had expected. It is emotionally draining and physically demanding. I am eager and excited, as I am sad and tired. I am ready to take a moment for myself and my family and then get on with life! I want to thank you all once again for your patience, your support, your kindness and caring, and for your appreciation of Humble and all that I was trying to do. I DO feel satisfied that I did bring something new to life. I am seeing that the idea is gaining traction in other places and that makes me quite happy. Someone recently mentioned loving a shop "just like mine" in Georgia!
So, there you go, and I will continue to sell online at and etsy (you can link through my website) and at quilt and crafts shows. The Brownsville quilt show was outstanding, BTW! And maybe, maybe, we will have something mobile to offer the community down the road a bit. Stay tuned!
With Love,

Humble Fabric & Crafts A Crafter's "Re"Source
103 Argall Way Nevada City, CA 95959

October 2016 News

This is not easy to say.....


I have been working very hard this fall to get Humble back on its feet. It's been wonderful reconnecting with many of you and teaching sewing, serger and craft classes has been sooo rewarding! My trouble is that my mission and intention with Humble is slightly self defeating. I have been and still am devoted to keeping my prices low, keeping a cute and tidy shop, and personally connecting with customers. I think we need this, this community and this world.
Over the past 6 years I have put a sincere amount of effort into developing space, finding the best deals on merchandise, and connecting with customers. I have found it to be highly challenging- though, so very enriching. It's been like a tricky puzzle that keeps shifting and changing and I have yet to find a solution to building enough traffic to sustain a store front without compromising my decision to keep Humble affordable.
So, I have decided to change Humble to a mobile and internet business and close the shop on Argall Way. I will continue to offer affordable and unique fabric, yarn and misc. at excellent prices at quilt and craft shows, and my website: as well as at flea markets and parking lot sales. You may want to keep in touch by checking out my newsletters and connecting to our Facebook page to know where I will be vending next, I will continue to only send out a dozen or so emails a year as I have always done- I know that you are overwhelmed, as I am, with emails every day.
What I am doing right now is inviting you all to come and pick out anything that you may have been thinking about buying and enjoy discounts as I liquidate a great amount of my merchandise. Your purchases will help me pay off the last of the debt that the shop has accumulated in trying to stay open this year- boy, it's been a rough year! And it's a great time to buy Christmas gifts and supplies for making gifts or to just stock up for winter projects.
I want you all to know that I am so grateful for the opportunity that the store front has given me to get to know so many wonderful and creative people in our community! A special thanks to some very kind and generous folks that have helped here at the shop by donating time, merchandise or money. Very extra special thanks to Michelle and Jessica, who really put a lot of energy and heart into Humble. The most special and deep appreciation goes to my family, who have always believed in me and supported me!
I'm hoping that I will be able to continue to teach sewing, serging, and crafting classes. We'll just have to see how that works out. All of my current regular students have invited me to teach in their homes, and I can do that for others as well.
My sales start November 1
st and will go until we have liquidated enough merchandise to close. My last days in the shop will be at the end of the year. I will maintain my current hours through Thanksgiving, staying open late when I can. I will be doing the last classes that I will be offering in this space, if there's anything that you are wanting to learn get a hold of me right away, there are a couple of un-posted group classes coming up: beginning serger and sewing with knits and we can do one on ones too. Starting Black Friday I will be here as much as I can so I can clear as much merchandise as possible. I will be liquidating the furniture and fixtures, let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to buy. If you are interested in leasing this shop space, please contact me.

Thanks again for sticking with me friends! 
In Humble Gratitude,
Roxy Page
Humble Fabric and Crafts
Affordable and Unique Sewing and Crafting Goods
103 Argall Way
Nevada City, CA 95959
P.S. The shop will be closed on Saturday, November 5 to vend at the Brownsville Mountain Quilt Guild Show. Hope you can come!


More September 2016 News

Hello Again!

I want to let you all know about a few days that I will be closed in the immediate future. But first, I want to thank the folks that have been flexible and understanding about the recent drastic change in my store hours. You, along with the friends and families that have chosen to take classes at Humble, are the real MVPs!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! If it weren't for you....well, you know:/

And then there's next week: I will be closed Wednesday, September 21st through Saturday, September 24th. If you need anything, I WILL be open on Tuesday, September 20th during regular hours, which are the new hours: 9:30am - 2:15pm. I really stressed about closing during such a fragile financial time for Humble. With the recent sudden departure of Jessica, I found myself double booked and could not pull out of my other obligation without extreme detriment to our other family business (the one that feeds and shelters us!). AND THEN my landlord announced that the reroofing project for the building would coincide with this other event. So, there you go, it is meant to be and I will be happy to be back again on Tuesday, September 27th.

Finally, I would like to reassure those that have been inconvenienced by these changes, that these changes have been crucial. Your involvement with Humble is valuable to us and I want to remind anyone that may not be able to make it during our new regular hours, that I can and will be happy to make an appointment for shopping during the afternoons/evenings! If you happen to come by while I'm having a class and want to look around, that usually is not a problem, but I would prefer to devote all of my attention to the student and I ask that if you could please limit our interaction to a very brief exchange. I absolutely LOVE visiting with customer/friends, as you probably have guessed, and I feel terrible telling somebody that I cannot help them- it feels awkward and ungraceful and I'm not very good at it!! So come by, if you can, in the morning or even better during the Thursday evening "Make, Visit, & Shop" that is 4:00pm-7:00pm every Thursday evening except for this coming Thursday:)

A closing note: I am looking forward to helping out folks with making their Halloween costumes and holiday gifts. I found another fun app on the ipad/iphone called Craft Gawker that has mountains of ideas and tutorials for making your own cools stuff, if you need some more ideas, check it out:)

Best Wishes to you ALL!!!
Roxy Page
Humble Fabric & Crafts
A Crafter's "Re"Source
103 Argall Way
Nevada City, CA 95959
530.575.9338 shop
Shop Hours:
School Hours:
2:30pm- 5:30pm

Thursday Evening Make, Visit, & Shop:



September 2016 News

Hello Friends,


I hope everyone has had plenty of time to rest and play this summer! Over the past few months we have had some substantial shifts. Many of you may have noticed that I wasn't around much. I took some much needed time with my family and for my health. I am now fresh and ready to move forward here at the shop largely by announcing the classes that I have put together and a few other changes:)

Happening Now:

I have a clearance table outside with new fabric priced to move. Also, I have just gotten in several new bolts of new cotton and the 108" wide backs are fully stocked, I'm hoping everyone will be happy with me for freshening things up:)

Fresh stock of our preowned fabric has been making their way out onto the shelves regularly, so there's lots to choose from there too!


Some of you may know that Jessica has been working through the summer with the intention to buy the shop, but has decided not to. And with that she has also decided not to continue working at Humble. She will be greatly missed! Please join me in wishing her well in her next adventure.

With that, I will have to make some changes around here, once again, on my own here at Humble. For one, the hours will be changing. This is great for the earlier morning crowd but a bummer for my after work visitors. THOUGH, I'm going to be holding a fun weekly open late event. Check it out!

Our New Hours Will Be:

Store Hours

Tuesday Saturday

9:30am- 2:30pm and by appointment


Thursday Evening Get Together

4:00pm- 7:00pm   Make, Visit & SHOP


Class Hours

Wednesday - Saturday

2:30pm- 5:30pm


Come on Thursday evenings to work on your projects, and do your after work shopping with your Humble friends. Humble will provide tea, bring a snack if you would like.

You can now check out the new class schedule on the website: and if there is any class ideas that you would like to learn as a group or on your own- zip out a response to this email and we can work on it! You can also see a couple of the classes coming up this September at the bottom of this email.

FYI, the youth scholarship fund is now up $240 and we are taking applications now. If you have a youth in your life that would benefit by receiving a beginning sewing or knitting class, please have them come by fill out a very small simple form or email me for more info- please feel free to tell your friends, school or church group about this opportunity we want to help these young ones gain skills that will get them sewing and crafting on their own.

A little reminder: it's time to start making holiday gifts! If you want to get it all done and not be jammed with stress at the last hour, get started now! Check out or Stitch magazine etc. for ideas! You could even come on Thursday evenings and work on things you don't want your family to see:)

I also like to thank everyone that brought in bags! Thank you so much for making the effort and taking care of your little fabric shop! We now have enough bags for the rest of the year:)


I'm looking forward to seeing you all again!


Humble Fabric and Crafts

Habitat for Creativity

103 Argall Way

Nevada City, CA 95959


June 2016 News:

Hello Friends!

The real reason that I'm sending out this newsletter is to announce the ANNUAL CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE coming up earlier than usual this year, but first I would like to share this:
It is with much gratitude and satisfaction that I am able to share that Humble has reached a major milestone. This month we have, finally, paid off our moving debt!
This is HUGE for us. It has taken much longer than we thought and our projections for where we would be, financially is not as we had expected: Money is slow, BUT Humble is doing GREAT! The shop looks better than ever, our inventory is fresh and plentiful, our location here in 7Hills is fantastic, and the well spring of ideas and growth are flowing abundantly! 
I have been so focused on the money thing (though it is very important, and it IS what makes this all possible) I have lost sight of all that we have accomplished here. It has only taken a couple score of folks saying the same thing in a dozen different ways to get me to refocus here!
It will still be a bit before we are able to lift our "austerity" but we seem to hanging in here with our tight belt and all. I think it's important that I share that we are making some changes over here that may affect your shopping experience here. We are changing the way we sell some items. For example, we will be selling bulk buttons and beads by the bag. Many other businesses sell these kinds of items this way, we are just getting with the program. Pre-owned yarn will be sold by the bag if it is not in a nice neat skein, more on that later:) Also, we have started to offer some classes, and it has been a wonderful addition! We do have a couple of bottlenecks. One is that there is only one of me! The other is that many families do not have enough flexibility in their budgets to afford classes and/or ongoing classes for their children. I have brainstormed with none other than our local newspaper's business strategist: Machen McDonnell, who was so generous to offer me a free strategy session. We came up with an idea to give people (you and our other customer friends) the option, at the checkout and on the web or facebook, etc., to "buy" a Humble Fabric & Crafts youth class scholarship for sewing or knitting or to be able to contribute to one. This feels really good to us. There have been so many times that our checkout experience includes customers saying "that is way less than I thought" or "that's so cheap, you should charge more" and while I don't like the idea of charging more I love the idea of taking that appreciation for this affordable little shop to pay for the enrichment of a young ones childhood and life! Please consider leaving your change at the check out to go in the kitty or buy a whole scholarship (this can be done anonymously if you would prefer) to pay forward the opportunity that many of us had as children of learning how to knit or sew!
And I now make my way to our main topic: The SALE
Last year, June was by far our slowest month, and I want to mitigate the possibility of not making our overhead by doing my clearance sales now. Prepare yourselves for some deals! Yarn is my main focus right now. Over the past several months, while we were figuring out how to sell the pre-owned yarn, we have accumulated 15 storage totes full! We have brainstormed and tried many things to make this product available in a neat and nice way. You barely have to look at the stuff and it tangles beyond salvation. So, I have decided that selling skeins and balls in bags is the way for us to offer pre-owned yarn in the future. The "bags and balls" are $2 each right now, and when the sale begins they will be reduced to $1. Keep in mind, the best stuff is the first to go and the best deals happen at the end. 
So, the yarn is on sale now and the ANNUAL CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE starts on June 21st. For some of our sales we mark down select merchandise. The ANNUAL CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE is my thanks to all of you and your support of this fun little shop, so I markdown everything! This is a great time to grab up things that you have wanted but couldn't quite pay full price for it, like new books and yarn (which most of us do not need, but absolutely love love love) 
One last thing, The loom is warped!!! And the project on it is looking so beautiful! I learned great tricks from Betsy Abrams and learned to fix some mistakes- however, a couple slipped through the checks and although some of you will not even notice, some of you will not be able to miss them!!!
Hoping to see you all SOON, and happy crafting:)

Roxy Page
Humble Fabric & Crafts
A Crafter's "Re"Source
103 Argall Way
Nevada City, CA 95959